Licensed Real estate Agent

Heather Pickus

Over the past decade Heather Pickus has had the opportunity to work in various real estate capacities. From administrative and consulting responsibilities to sales and marketing efforts, her career path has enabled her to develop a broad skill set. Growing up in Suffolk county then later residing in Nassau county has strengthened her experience and geographic knowledge of Long Island. As a building permit consultant for the past 8 years, Heather has been able to provide assistance to those attempting to navigate the complexities that often come with obtaining permits. Her familiarity with the different regulatory processes within the vast municipalities across Suffolk and Nassau County has enabled her to consistently provide expeditious support to homeowners facing challenging time constraints. Much like the fundamentals of Migrate, Heather Pickus is passionate about helping others by offering guidance to those who find themselves in situations they’re unaccustomed to, and this attitude is what inspired her to pursue her Real Estate career in 2017. Her ability to build and cultivate relationships along with her track record of collaborating with industry professionals makes her a natural fit to the Migrate team.